A comment from the carnival queen, just ahead of Calidoscopio Carnival Drummers at Wirksworth carnival 2013; “You can’t just WALK down the street to THIS. You’ve got to dance!!!!”

A participant of the pop-up choir at Belper Arts Festival; “What a great session the pop up choir was today! I wanted to say thank you for making it such an inclusive event. I have never sung in a choir, but really enjoyed the opportunity to participate and not feel silly about my wonky notes at times.”

After a singing residency in June 2012 leading to a performance:

“Congratulations on a fantastic performance at Chesterfield Winding Wheel by the Glossopdale choir (such great feedback). The staff from school said that you were an inspirational teacher!”

These are some of the things people have said about Beth’s singing and drumming groups:

beauty, belonging, brilliant, challenging, endorphin-releasing, energising, enjoyable, exhilarating, feel-good, friendly, fulfilling, fun, great, harmonious, informal, inspiring, interesting, invigorating, joyful, learning, life-affirming, light-hearted, lively, powerful, relaxing, rhythmic, stimulating, sharing, satisfying, sociable, stress-busting, uplifting, vibrant, welcoming.

“Uplifting, challenging and helps me to forget my worries”

“Thank you for introducing me to such haunting and stirring songs”

“Thank you for teaching us to use the African drums. I really enjoined playing the bell. I felt proud when I did the assembly.”

“I would like to say thank you for the entertainment on the day, it was excellent and I have had many comments stating how much the drumming was enjoyed! ”

“I have loved the opportunity to sing world songs with you and the group. Thanks for all your hard work and positive encouragement. I look forward to singing again in the autumn”

“BRILL BRILL BRILL! Fantastic drumming and singing, it was really exciting. ”

“It was fun and entertaining. The fact she responded to our ages was really respectful and made it enjoyable”

” I thought that the drumming session was really enjoyable. It was fun as we all played towards a piece of music which sounded great. We all got the chance to go on the different instruments that she brought so there was a variety of instruments to play and we got told how to play them which was good. Also got a good sense of what African instruments are like as some of them I’ve not seen before”

As seen in The Guardian. Teaching niggun at Tribe of Doris.

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