Niggun workshop at Tribe of Doris

Niggun workshop at Tribe of Doris

Lately, Beth has been leading niggun workshops. Niggunim are Hassidic Jewish melodies with no set words, usually sung in unison with a little embellishment here and there. Niggun can help bring people together through sharing the singing of a melody, without the distraction that the meaning that words can bring to a song. The melodies can be euphoric and celebratory or they can be meditative and introspective. They are usually structured so that the emotion of the music builds through the tune and then arrives effortlessly back at the beginning. The melodies, once learnt, are never forgotten; by singing the first few notes, the rest of the melody is recalled.

Beth has led niggun workshops for the fabulous Fun Fed, and the beautiful Tribe of Doris summer school, Derby Multifaith Centre, and the wonderful Natural Voice Practitioners Network annual gathering.

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