About Beth de Lange

Beth de Lange is a community musician specialising in community singing and community drumming. She has led community choirs and drumming groups, as well as leading singing, drumming and song-writing workshops for schools, youth, community, prison and corporate settings.

Beth’s career in community music began when she joined Kaleidoscope Choir in 1998. The choir’s musical director, Deb Allitt, was leaving, but no replacement had been found. Beth had only just found the choir, and wasn’t going to let it go that easily, so she and two others shared leadership of the choir for a short while. One of her co-leaders soon moved to Belper and set up Rough Truffles Choir. The other co-leader, had to step down due to ill health.

With a great deal of support from the Natural Voice Practitioners Network and Deb Allitt (now a fantastic painter), Beth was able to lead the choir from strength to strength.

Beth began drumming in 1999 with Amba Samba under the leadership of Kate Rounding. This group also folded, leaving Beth without drumming for years. At the time, she didn’t have sufficient skills to take that one on! After studying with One Voice Music for several years and attending Tribe of Doris summer schools, she began setting up drumming groups in Derby. She has also studied with Bombo Productions , JP Percussion and played gamelan with¬† ArtBeat.¬†

Beth also set up and chaired Kaleidoscope Community Music, in Derby, which brought a range of singing, drumming, youth, and cultural diversity projects to Derby.

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